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Weekend #1 Reading List of Coronavirus Social-Distancing and the Importance of Books and Escape

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

Well... seems like we all need to look for the silver lining in staying in. My son (10) and I are both avid readers and I figured I might as well share what we have going on. I have been in a non-fiction, business book phase for quite some time and I am really enjoying Fanocracy - Turning Fans into Customers and Customers into Fans by David Meerman Scott and Reiko Scott.

It's an excellent marketing read and I highly recommend it. It provides tactics that can be used for large and small companies alike (which is a departure from many marketing books I feel are only applicable to large organizations).

My son is currently blowing through Rick Riordan's books at a crazy rapid pace. Per usual, I had bought him Percy Jackson almost a year and a half ago and he "poo pooed" it for just as long. Finally, with nothing else to read, he started it about a month ago and blew through that series in two weeks and is about to wrap up the Heroes of Olympus series.

Together we are reading the Picturepedia book. We have had this book for years and we'll spend time learning about a species, region of the world or some other random fact. I encourage anyone with a 6+ year-old to purchase it. Smithsonian does an awesome job with this series and I'm pretty sure we have the one on the human body and space as well.


At ten, he is crazy astute as to the severity of this world situation and I am doing my best to keep him focused and distracted. I can't help but compare our current discomfort and unease with the days after 9/11. Those days will forever be etched in my memory and seeing the smoke in the distance has scarred me for life. It was then that I embraced the world phenomenon that was the Harry Potter series and escaped with Harry and his friends into a fantasy world of friendship, loyalty and perseverance. All these years later, I am surprised at how many others escaped our reality in the same way. It seems that Harry helped many of us believe we'd be ok and the world would go back to normal again.

As a parent, my job is to provide security and strength in these times for my child (even though I may not be feeling it myself). I am grateful to the characters in these books for the assist! Feel free to click and purchase from any of these links, I am trying the referral program and I can report on that later.

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