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Real Talk About Living in NYC During Covid-19, Parenting and My Outlook on the Events Industry

I was a guest on the Don and Mike Show Podcast

I recently had the honor of being a guest on the Don and Mike Show which is a weekly podcast about the trade show, event and experiential marketing side of the world. In true Nicole fashion, I kept it real and truthful. We talked about a few topics I'm a bit passionate about; New York City, realities of parenthood and the events industry. The podcast can be found on a plethora of platforms, however for ease of discovery, including a few links here:

Thank you to SMT Expo for sponsoring the episode and for being such a great advocate for the production of smarter events (with awesome wall systems to boot). SMT Expo was a huge partner with me while I was at BizBash. Great people in addition to great product.

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