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Over Communicate and Do it Now

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Covid-19 has sure wrecked havoc with the event and trade-show industry. It seems every day, another major event has announced postponement or cancellation. With a situation that seems to change by the hour, it is more imperative than ever to communicate to your event participants and prospects the status of your event and what and how your organization is meeting the needs of the industry within the parameters of the situation. If your organization has not done so yet, immediate action items to knock off your list.

  • Post a statement on your event website homepage and if your organization owns multiple events, MAKE SURE you post a message on your organization's homepage as well.

  • Insert a chatbot on your event page that easily allows for a basic "choose your path" type outcome and can answer questions with more detail, should your participant require.

  • Post your cancellation/refund policy prominently on your registration and exhibitor booth packages pages.

  • If you are unable to activate a basic bot, make sure you post a phone number and/or email with the hours that your team will respond (and adhere to it)!


This crisis shall pass and we will all look for the silver lining. We should make sure that moving forward, all participants have a mobile number in addition to an email on record and that we not rely solely on social media to disseminate information. We should make sure that we have crisis communication plans in place well in advance of the next unknown crisis.

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