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Tone-Deaf Marketing in Covid-19 Times (Plus Super Star Cos Getting it Right)

As I've settled into my new normal, I have made it one of my Shut-In goals to reduce the clutter in my inbox and unfollow people and organizations on social media that as Marie Kondo says, no longer bring me joy. At first, I was just going to purge the emails from companies that no longer were of interest to me. Some were companies that perhaps my son had aged out of, some were charitable organizations I had donated to in the past and others were made up of the varying spam m

Over Communicate and Do it Now

Covid-19 has sure wrecked havoc with the event and trade-show industry. It seems every day, another major event has announced postponement or cancellation. With a situation that seems to change by the hour, it is more imperative than ever to communicate to your event participants and prospects the status of your event and what and how your organization is meeting the needs of the industry within the parameters of the situation. If your organization has not done so yet, immed

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