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Cool Sh*t You Didn't Realize You Could do on Your iPhone

You can erase a number by swiping!

So... one of the workshops I most love to give is Tech Tools to Crush Productivity. It's a talk filled with nuggets and great apps and software that can really supercharge how you work with your team and maximize your day. I wanted to share two super cool/fun tips that most people do not know about on their iPhone. Did you know that you can delete a single digit in your phone calculator by simply swiping left or right? 🤯 I know, mind blown! I have lost months of my life pressing that "C"!


Ready for another cool party trick (that will also save you a ton of time). When you open up your Photos App on an iPhone, you can use your Search Icon to find images from a specific place, date and SUBJECT MATTER. That's right, the above images displayed when I did I primary search for 'Sporting Event' and a secondary search for 'MetLife Stadium'. Yup, big Giants fan and that's my dad and my man (who is unfortunately a Bills fan - that's ok, nobody is perfect). This is a great way to easily locate photos from a specific event, timeframe, season, or item/subject featured. Let me know if you'd like me to present my 45 minute workshop for you team or at your next event! I'd love to hear from you.

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